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I have the one that is comparable to the BBK and is a full 85mm straight down. 7 rockers. APDTY 112669 Electronic Throttle Body Actuator Valve TPS Position Sensor Fits 3. Locate the throttle body under the hood in the engine compartment. Get an aggressive B&G flash with the torque management deleted. Aug 25, 2004 · Mods most likely limited to primarily a Fastman TB, and some Harlan Sharp 1. hp/tq increase? Fastman is a premium provider of OpenText products, professional services and operational support. This Replacement Throttle Body is 100 percent NEW product - not reconditioned. Stage two porting - ported and polished from intake to exhaust by hand 52mm Fastman Throttle Body Mike Leach PPH Headers 3" stainless exhaust from headers out, with stainless Pypes Cat and Stainless Magnaflow muffler AFE cold air intake Transmission and oil coolers Vehicle Overview. So with bore-ing the whole throttle body to 65mm you have undesturbed air which = horsepower. 75mm throttle body, Hughes 1. Wow can definitely feel a power increase. 7L/6. Pretty much gen 3 has 65mm butterfly's and the back of the throttle body is 65mm. REPLACEMENT THROTTLE BODY. Also look into Moes Performance, he has ported tb's for sale at a good price! Welcome to EFI Expert and FAST Man EFI . This domain is estimated value of $ 8. Available for all 1996+ models! 3rd Gen Ram Tech - Fastman Ported TB for the 5. bestmachineracing. Aug 15, 2008 · if you want the billet look then go with F&B. 0L Myth Busting 62mm Throttle Body It's only when increasing camshaft duration and lift profiles that aftermarket aluminum or ported 7120 heads show June 2001 Liberty Limited 4X4 Frankenlift II Premium, Al's Upper Arms, 245/75R16 C Silent Armors on Moabs, RL Skink Super Sliders, Rear DTT, Riddler Diff Cover, Fastman Throttle Body, Profinish-Proglass Hood, Borla Dual Outlet Exhaust, TransGo Reprogramming Kit, APS Stall Converter, 4. This is a factory throttle body modified by The Fastman. I'm running an 85mm BBK on my RT and no tune adjustments were needed to run with the stock tune or when I put one of Diablo's canned tunes in. The v6 TB is ported to 46mm (stock is around 40mm according to Dan). BIG GULP 1007CFM DODGE THROTTLE BODY. He does really great work and one of the best bang for your buck. The Fastman ported throttle body allows better flow than the stock PowerTech throttle body. The work is top notch and there was an absolute difference in performance. Modern Muscle's new 5-axis CNC Ported High Velocity HEMI Throttle Body was developed to help increase the flow of air Just ordered a Fastman throttle body for my 4. 2 stock air hat doesn't fit properly over my Fastman 50 mm throttle body, which is probably your best bet in terms of additional mods besides the exhaust. still waiting for your "SIMPLE" home ported TB pics And that is the reason my own ported throttle body probably didn't pick much more up over the fastman unit, the fastman unit was pretty clean, I cleaned up a few areas over his and did some smoothing and the return was less, probably maxing out the flow of the 75mm tb. The throttle body is NOT the primary restriction for airflow through the engine, and "upgrading" it generally isn't necessary - unless you've gotten stupid with airflow needs (extremely lumpy cam, wild stroker. I have read alot on here, on several threads , about the benefits of swapping the v6 throttle body for a v8. Gains with a ported throttle body are minimal at best mainly because the actual blade size doesn't increase. Simple throttle body spacers should be avoided as they provide absolutely no performance increase when installed on the Liberty. The dealer has cleaned the throttle body, replaced the air control motor and reloaded the computer with the latest updates. 3L Engine on 2005-2012 Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 Pickup 2005-2009 Durango 2007-2009 Chrysler Aspen Park your vehicle outside in a well-lighted, level area. 13@ 140 DA 5000 feet 2. I use one because the 5. 1L Will Not Work on V6 Engines. After I finished I proceeded to begin my removal and install of the new one. Our 80mm throttle body solution dwarfs the stock unit and will allow the your engine to breathe, improving horsepower, improving throttle response (particularly with Overkill tuning) and changes the intake note of the V6 to a deeper growl at heavy throttle. Had issues ordering on their site and he gave me his direct number at 11:30pm his time to take my order. A good street/strip throttle body. 7L Hemi, Fastman 80mm throttle body, MSD coil packs, Arrington fuel rails, factory Shaker cold-air hood scoop DI 2000 injectors, ported stock throttle body, overdrive blower "Fastman" Ported Throttle Body | Jeep Garage - Jeep Forum. I have purchased but not received the 90 mm throttle body but after further research, i'm hearing that it may need a tune. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases 1) I have a ported/polished 85mm Throttle body (from "The Fastman") 2) Exhaust is stock, except I did the center muffler delete (replaced with straight pipe) 3) R2C black hex filter and intake, with Hellcat air tube feeding it air. 7 L V8 and AT. Some people just feel that there opinion is extremely needed. 1L Springs/Rods, Fastman Ported Throttle Body, Tranzformer Shift Kit, NoESP, Mopar CAI, Cherry Bomb Vortex Mufflers, Dyno Tune, 13. 6L V6 Pentastar Ported Throttle Body 3. High Velocity Throttle Bodies. More than likely I'll fab up the kit on an engine stand with a 360 forged shortblock with some ported/valved heads. 50mm Half Shaft. The HiPoTek 52mm throttle body is recommended for the Dodge 5. Most performance throttle bodies are direct fit, bolt-on replacements for the OE unit, and in some cases take even less time to install than a performance air intake system. Overkill vs ModernMuscle. What you'll see is it Aug 15, 2016 · I installed a Fastman 84mm throttle body today. It's a "ported 85mm throttle body" - front side is tapered and the shaft is halved - really smooooooth airflow. On a value-per-dollar basis, a throttle body upgrade delivers a lot of additional fun for your money! 2016 Hellcat Challenger, automatic, black on black with brass monkey wheels 10. 85mm 90mm Throttle Body by BBK Performance and Throttle Body Spacers by AFE & PowerAid will increase power, throttle response and fuel economy. 7L Throttle Body Mopar OEM: Throttle Bodies - Amazon. MP Big Valve R/T heads milled and ported by Hughes Engines, Port matched and plenum ported MP M1 MPI 4 bbl intake manifold,Fastman 51. Neither throttle body does a straight thru design and the 80mm thing is false advertising. Offers crisper throttle response and added horsepower up to 12+ RWHP! you make a good point, but ive been driving this truck for 3 years now with the cold air intake and it would hardly make any noise hitting second gear let alone 3rd gear at all, i did do several initial runs before the throttle body and the best i could ever get with the gtech 0-60 was 12. 7L & 4. Performance Modified Throttle Body for 2011+ Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Pentastar 3. If anyone has one for sale/trade, please let me know. Throttle body spacer isn't going to make your 5. Just ordered an 85mm Throttle Body from Moe's. Each of these helps for a short time but the problem returns. Shop the best custom or preloaded Dodge, Jeep & Chrysler tuners & turn your truck or car into a high performance vehicle. Hey guys, I'm looking for an Overkill/Modern Muscle/Fastman ported throttle body for my Pentastar. Both companies use stock throttle plates (at least they did the last time I checked). 91 rear, Driveshaft Shop one piece aluminum driveshaft, OCPerformance dual plane intake manifold, 88mm Fastman ported throttle body, custom side dump straight pipes, JBA longtubes and a healthy shot of giggle gas via Nitrous Express:saythat: Moe's Performance has raised the bar again with our new 87MM CNC ported throttle body for the new 5. Performance Modified Throttle Body for 2011+ Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep Pentastar 3. 4L/392 Challenger/Charger/300 Speedlogix 84mm Ported Throttle Body 2005-2012 HEMI BBK Performance 78MM throttle Body 2011-2018 3. It's going to feel similar to dropping a 4. 6s as well and much cheaper than that place. Also better throttle response to. Mopar Performance offers several throttle bodies for racing applications or converting engines to MPI. We are the premiere place for 1st gen and 2nd gen Dodges as well as a great source for newer models as well. With 3. 9/5. thefastman. A. 15. After installing the tb I noticed a nice bump in throttle response in regular driving. com) Doug Thorley headers - Jet Hot coated Gibson 3" cat-back exhaust 2013 Chrysler 300S, 6. Here's the link I meant to attach above, it has the ported throttle body, and the ported intake manifold: JK Anybody who knows this kind of mod care to shed some light on these products? If you read the description it states that if you provide your intake manifold it's $310 instead of $590 if you just buy the ported intake manifold outright. They will not add any noticible power increase on their own though. This part interacts with sensors to make sure the correct air and fuel mixture gets to those injectors. While this throttle body will work on a stock truck, it is designed for the guys with full boltons and a tune. Whew! Sep 13, 2019 · I'm running a fastman modified stock throttle body ( 95mm + 4mm shaft) . I also wouldn't bother with the 90mm throttle body since the intake is from what I've read less than 85mm in size. Fastman has been doing throttle body mods for I was wondering if anyone who has purchased a fastman throttle body could explain to me how the payment goes. I received the fastman throttle body today, cannot say enough good things about it. 7 and 6. etc. com has registered 1 decade 8 years ago. Gasket makes the same exact thing and you can get it at Advance Auto, AutoZone, Summit, Jegs. Fastman 5. The cast throttle body is engineered and tested by HEMI engine builders for the best results. More than six months after the body of vintner and investment advisor Christopher Marks was found on the beach below Shoreline Park, Santa Barbara police have ruled his death a suicide, citing a i had a friend who ported his bullitts throttle body into a single blade and said it was a HUGE pain, and that i should just spend the money and buy one, because it isnt worth the work for the gain you will get out of porting it Auxiliary data. Plus moe's uses factory throttle bodies so if you have a picky dealer they'll never notice Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 Still “The fastman” can do discounts when you send back your stock TB. Just curious if anyone has dealt with Fastman and what kind of performance they got out of one he had worked with? Fastman Throttle Bodies - Dodge Dakota Forum : Custom Dakota Truck Forums Google search Ported Stock or Aftermarket 50mm? First of all, is it possible to open up the stock throttle body to be a true 50mm? If so, then would there be any difference between a ported stock throttle body and an aftermarket one that is 50mm to begin with? Our throttle body's are 65mm behind the butterfly's and 58mm in front now they are 65mm all the way threw. 0L Myth Busting - True Lies 4. He had it back in the mail to me on Friday and I received it on Monday. HP Tuners tuned, 270 Comp cam, BES ported heads, 3. 0l. $249. I have to give a shout out to Matt at Moe's for the help with my order. The 1800cc engine was removed and the car was stripped down to a body shell in just one week. thats what i would do). so for the price you cant beat it. 22 @ 122. dakota-durango. Stock V10 internally, with K&N FIPK and Fastman 52mm throttle body, SCT tuned computer, and a true dual exhaust with crossover H pipe going into a Flowmaster Series 70 muffler. Stock (left) vs The Fastman (right) Throttle Body. You are not using Fastman throttle plates as I have seen mentioned elsewhere. About Us. 5" to cat, and 3" after the cat. Fits Challenger, Charger and Jeep V6 2011 and newer. Think of a performance throttle body as the new-school version of the performance carburetor (you may even recognize some of these brand names if you're old enough to have played with carbs back in the day). We plan, design and optimize your system architecture, deploy permissions structures, and implement digital signatures. FastMan Throttle Body The Modern Muscle 87mm 2013 5. 7L Hemi or 8. 4 lbs boost??), fastman 84+4 mm throttle body, 1 7/8 kooks long tubes w/hi-flow cats, 3" Magnaflow Cat-back, FTI 2800 stall, Trans built by Hellraiser, Dings Racing valve body and tune, Getrag 3. Holley carburetors powered every Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. 21mph. These throttle bodies have a 3" inlet and are compatible with stock air intake systems (not recommended because of flow restriction) and most aftermarket air intake systems. The DonaVee gizmo that I have seen isn't a TB spacer, it's a plastic ring that raises the air hat about an inch or so. 7. 6L V6 Throttle Bodies - The Fastman _____ 2012 JK U would not see the benefit of ported throttle body or a CAI, unless a 2009 challenger srt8 6 spd (Hemi Orange) frankentake lV, Fastman ported TB,Ported intake , NX proton 100 shot, diablo 91 tune UPR catch can, 3 "Magnaflow competition series exhaust, 17" cobra rims with 275 40 17 Nt05r's. 7 - Just installed my new ported tb from Fastman this morning and I like what is has done for my truck. Throttle bodies vary in sizes from 50 mm to 52×55 mm. Oct 02, 2018 · Stock throttle body reworked. 7 | 6. 2. Oct 20, 2016 · Throttle Bodies. 7L - Browse RPM Outlet and Get Free Shipping! Got my fastman throttle body in today. wanted to know how these were. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > 5. HUG 5504. 7L. 35 Fastman Throttle Body for 3. The only thing I had to do was once installed do a " throttle relearn" and that would get rid of the check engine light . 6 The 87mm comes from a measurement from near the center of the throttle body wall (like when the blade is shut closed or at rest). 7/4. 7L throttle body. Jeepgarage. js This package implements a content management system with security features by default. I have a holley throttle body on my 97 ss/t I ordered it from truck performance, they said it was a direct fit but when I got it I saw that there was no tang for the throttle linkage to hook to,it was a different setup so I called holley and they said they were aware of the problem,told me to send it back to them and they would modify it. Because throttle-body cleaners are volatile, we do not recommend doing this job indoors. Early models have 2 screws, while later models have a large diameter, one screw mounted IAC motor. I called fastman to ask a question about ordering and he strongly advised against making the swap to the v8 said it wasn't worth it and i would be better with a ported v6 model. Dan received it on Thursday. 7 RRs,port the beer barrel (or get a ported one from Hughes. Modern Muscle 85mm \\\9 Moes Ported \\\2 The Fastman Ported \\\ Dodge Truck & SUV forum with the best tech and vehicle help on the web. . Dual SRT fans. If it’s EFI we can provide it. I have the Fastman ported tb. 92lsd Intense Stage II; Fastman TB; Magnaflow Exhaust runamonk Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 3/14/2003 16:31:26: RE: Fastman Throttle My 2004 5. 7/6. U7135 9r30 crom 2006 dodge charger r/t - Johan a while back you did a custom tune for my charger with throttle body spacer, K&N cold air intake, Magna flow cat back exhaust and jba shorty headers. He has alot of information but nothing on actual throttle bore sizes beyond what he can open something to. 7L 5. Don't know what these guys are talking only thing that is done to mine is removed the step down in the front. When purchasing this item online you are required to purchase p/n 5500V8-UC-3 as a core (available below). Replace your 1992-1995 Viper RT-10 Gen 1 restrictive stock throttle body with a set of Accufab 65mm top of the line throttle bodies and get your V10 the air it. Good job Albert chipping down your best to an 11. First I did the Fastman large bore ported OEM TB and a Bwoody at the same time, you can def tell a difference in revving. 2013-2018 5. Replaced with Napa True Flow #43034. Accufab Throttle Bodies . All Replacement brand items are backed by 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. That's from Mopar, then there are a couple of people who make ported throttle bodies for the 3. 3. Fastman is a good company. â  Cory â  Osceola, WI (FAST102 and LS2 throttle body ported) Magnaflow exhaust soon, with "crappy tips," and a Fastman 80 mm Ported Throttle Body waiting to be shipped. In comparison, the Fastman unit is an absolute work of art. 7 Hemi. Installation is as easy as screw and unscrew. Exterior Mods: Speedlogix is the leader in aftermarket performance parts and accessories for modern Mopar vehicles including the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300, Ram Trucks, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. This was the case over the weekend after on Friday I went out and in 10 minutes had my new 85MM 87MM rear to blade FastMan ported and polished throttle body on my ride and clamped down the Bwoody 4" CAI to it again, and I went around the block a few times. Also 390/408 stroker towing. Can anybody tell me if it would be worth purchasing one for my 09 grand cherokee with a 3. I have not done a dyno comparison but what I did notice was much better throttle response and I did do back to back testing . Moes and fastman sell pretty good ones. src/public/js/zxcvbn. 7L Hemi. Fastman throttle body. It is not ported on the back side. 95. Polishing does virtually nothing to improve performance but it does help clean up working the throttle body by hand to some extent. I cannot see the part number to check which one, but it was made 28APR2011 and the connector is identicle to mine (from a picture on ebay). 4 Hemi, transmission, suspension…and other accessories. Now your totally at or over the cost of what a complete C&C ported real performance head costs with more power. 55 gears and 41" tires, it would smoke the tires without power braking. Mods are in my sig. I believe the Fastman offers both a 50mm & a 68mm, although with the 318, the 68mm only sucks more fuel, with no appreciable power increase - Fastman even says as much. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. i had a friend who ported his bullitts throttle body into a single blade and said it was a HUGE pain, and that i should just spend the money and buy one, because it isnt worth the work for the gain you will get out of porting it The Fastman ported throttle body allows better flow than the stock PowerTech throttle body. Unlike the 1999-2007 intake manifolds that use a 3-bolt throttle body with a cable attached to the gas peddle to the throttle body, the 2008 intake manifold was designed to be run with a computer controlled 4-bolt throttle body. That's expensive for a ported throttle I did mine on my srt-4 I've ported a lot of things and powdercoated them as well . How do throttle body systems work? The butterfly valve positioned between the intake manifold and air filter is called the throttle body. so i woke up today to a package and it happened to be my ported throttle body from Fastman so I opened it to inspect his work which was top notch so i proceeded to polish it up with some Mothers metal polish. We are now a WD (Warehousing Distributor) for Accufab. 6 challenger, I'll be talking to him again! The MMX ported throttle body is an OEM that has been CNC machined, there are many horror stories on the net of the various types that have claimed a good functioning product, but were a complete new manufactured throttle body, throwing engine codes. This website has a #13,480,164 rank in global traffic. High performance Mustang parts, engines, clamps, exhaust, fuel pumps and more. I shipped on a Monday. Moe's Performance has raised the bar again with our new 87MM CNC ported throttle body for the new 5. 9, 318/360, 3. Let your throttle body (TBI) or multi-port fuel-injected engine breathe! Choose a performance throttle body from our massive inventory and improve horsepower, drivability, and overall engine efficiency. Of special interest are the 1997-2004 Dakota X-Braces, Driveshaft Loops This intake is BETTER then the heavily sought after 2002 H/O intake manifold. When I had my '97 Dodge Ram one of the popular mods was porting the throttle body. 62 pulley(11. Note: Buy Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500 5. WOT is where it shines, but overall, it's a great mod. Nov 17, 2017 · The Fastman ported throttle body allows better flow than the stock PowerTech throttle body. A good balance between low end torque and high rpm power with great midrange. Once you return you good usable core you will be refunded the $100 core charge. Check out The Fastman - Specializing in Mopar Performance Parts Looks like he does 3. You currently have 0 posts. Four-barrel throttle bodies fit most MPI intake manifolds that have a 4150-style carburetor bolt pattern. Moe's Performance has raised the bar again with our new 87MM CNC ported throttle body for the new 2013-2019 5. Line after 2 3/4 = 65mm I have a brand new Fastman modified throttle body for a 2005 Dodge magnum 5. Your Ram 1500 has a fuel-injected motor. 5'' Y-pipe with Single 3'', HF cat, Autolite 9232's, Richmond 4. Sent from my BBF100-2 using Tapatalk This 80mm ported throttle body will increase HP and better acceleration on your 2011-2018 Here are basic install instructions that may need modified depending on the air intake you have. We carry all the top brands—Edelbrock, JET, BBK, Holley, FAST, Ford Performance, Professional Products, and many more! The F&B 70mm throttle body flows over 700 CFM @ 25" Make sure to verify the number of screws that hold the IAC motor into your throttle body before ordering. 25" Y-pipe, to 2. the fastman is just as good but cheaper as its the stock TB that's been ported. Looking for increased Mileage and Performance from your 2009-2014 Dodge Ram Hemi 5. 73, Walbro 400LPH, DW 65# inj. com that has gotten the fastman TB and was perfectly happy with them. 75" for you mountain motor - we have it. Depending on which Throttle Body is chosen   My modified TB's have set the standard in the industry in both quality and performance. Since I was tearing the front of the motor off I decided to install the stage 1 ported intake manifold with the Hughes aluminum belly pan (HUG7700). does it help throttle responce. 4. V8 throttle body on a 3. 4 intake manifold, tune by Gil Nevarez, FTI 3000 stall converter, Blue Tops, Paramount valve body, ARH Long tubes & complete exhaust system, 180° Mishimoto thermostat, Fastman ported throttle body, Eibach Pro Series lowering Aug 23, 2014 · Just for clarification, this is not a fastman throttle body. fyi: i already had the Henessey CAI installed. 1. Because the roe and the 67 are to big. Nails Oct 01, 2002 · Ported Throttle Body It’s hard to argue with the Flometrics throttle bodies. 10 percent lower od crank pulley, 1050 ix. and if any hemi guys use them. 16 @ 105mph On Street Tires 12-26-2013, 04:43 AM #2 The Fastman ported throttle body allows better flow than the stock PowerTech throttle body. The throttle body spacer is based on the theory that air entering a chamber will have a greater velocity and more mass if spun. 10 Gears, B&G Chrysler PCM, Lots of Line-X, etc Jan 03, 2006 · ok. The only other Dodge Avenger and 200 forum I can find has most owners swearing by the CAI and exhaust; some say there's an increase but not worth the price. 7L & 6. 7L 4. This is not a consistent problem but an off and on problem. Because the blade doesn't change, neither does the size of the opening at the blade. I was just wondering if anyone has installed and used one? Even with my pricing on an anodized red RE one this one was a steel. Works well with light to moderate boost. Whether you need a 2 barrel, huge LS style for your turbo, generic 4 barrel 4150, dominator size 4500, or even a massive dual 2. But it is tapered in the front to 58mm. 4L SRT CNC Ported Throttle Body 87mm (4251)-Now Available for the 2013+ Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Charger. Nov 25, 2009 · Jeep 4. 55 gears, Moe’s 87mm throttle body, JBA LT's with 3” dual exhaust and 14” Magnaflow mufflers, ATI underdrive pulley, Moe’s custom nitrous cam, MMX ported heads, Nitrous Outlet 85mm plate kit (200 shot), and custom tune. I never owned the BBK so I have no input other than the fastman ported tb is cheaper. 7 ram 1500has the modified tb from fastman, she loves it with the combo of the superchips programmer. We sell and support Holley, FAST, and all the accessories, such as fuel injectors, fuel systems, sensors, etc. Online shopping from a great selection at Automotive Store. The machine work is beautiful. Though it looks like it was bored out with a blender, port matched on the underside with a chisel, and still used the factory "butterflies"! Ugh. the stock twin butterfly throttle body moves more than enough air, dont become a restriction until about 15psi of boost depending on set up. Too funny you found that quote from Fastman! I was going to email him to get the TB ported. A guy at a car show owns a shop, said if I bring in my own tuner, for $50 he will show me the ropes. I never did a before/after dyno . Just unhook intake tube and drive by wire plug, take out the 4 mounting bolts, then reverse those steps to put on the new throttle body. N. 6L V6 Throttle Bodies - The Fastman _____ 2012 JK U would not see the benefit of ported throttle body or a CAI, unless a First of all, is it possible to open up the stock throttle body to be a true 50mm? If so, then would there be any difference between a ported stock throttle body and an aftermarket one that is 50mm to begin with? In early 2006, Keith purchased this 1972 MGB GT from Bob Lassiter as a running and driving street car. Going to order the Fastman ported Throttle body, any experience or suggestions? Discussion in ' Charger Performance Mods - Engine - 3. The fastman's core is very thin and a little sensitive to break. Airaid throttle body spacers can help increase throttle response be moving the throttle body further from the manifold. 4 SRT cam, AIT 18% OD pulley, E-force with 2. Before selecting a replacement part for your car or truck, you should know how a throttle body differs from individual throttle body systems. 7L | 6. and the factory TB on a 360 is a holley. this is the "80mm" ported throttle body. 4L Hemi. LG aluminum rad. What kind of improvements have you folks noticed with the larger throttlebody and what size did you get? BBK 90MM Throttle Body 2013-2017 5. 2nd Gen Ram Tech - Fastman Throttle body for V-10? - Okay, Im looking at some ways to make my V10 breath a bit better. 2/5. On top of that I installed a custom ported/polished 50mm throttle body. no need to spend $350 for something that isnt going to help any more than a p&p'd. ) HiPoTek; pronounced "high-poe tech", aka High Performance Technology, is the number one source for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Mopar performance engine parts: LA/ Magnum 3. 6l; Modern Performace and some Fastman guy. 9 mild to modified with camshaft and head upgrades, performance intake, etc. Then there are true bore ported throttle bodies out there like from fastman and other retailers. I don't believe that this will do much of anything for throttle lag as its still a factory throttle body and factory electronics. 7L HEMI CNC Ported Throttle Bodies BACK IN STOCK WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!Modern Muscle Xtreme is proud to introduce the 95mm CNC ported Hellcat throttle body. org WOT is where it shines, but overall, it's a great mod. One could surmise that since the amount of fuel being injected is regulated by the computers, MAP sensor, and O2 sensors, that it should be just fine at Dec 05, 2011 · You won't need to retune for an 85mm throttle body, can't say as to the 90mm. MODIFIED O. 9 Durango as well, and when I desire to do my 3. 99-01 cobra, 03-04 mach, 03-04 cobra, and bullitt throttle bodies interchange. Not sure which one to go with. 6L V6 Electronic Drive-by-wire. Here are some hints on what to look for: The throttle body is located between the air cleaner and the intake manifold of the engine. 6L Challenger/Charger/300 Get a good drop in filter, a Fastman throttle body, JBA headers since you have an '05, and a good muffler. Hesco '87-'90 Throttle Body Upgrade (right) This kit is designed to up-grade the early three bolt throttle body to the 1991-up four hole, larger bore High Output (HO) unit. 95 and has a daily earning of $ 0. May 29, 2007 · Hey everyone, I've had a few people ask me how I went about modifying my stock throttle body so I decided to do a how to on it. We do not have emission testing here so I do not know how, or if, it would effect it. An enhancement for phpBB that will show users how strong (or weak) their password is as they type it into the password field when creating or updating their account. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Chris 2003 CC 4x4 3. Porting a throttle body with a hack saw, flapper wheel, dremel…or hone is not machining. 4L Hemi motors. 7 in it, but for much less. There’s a lot of debate out there as to whether they help with anything at all. DODGE MAGNUM THROTTLE BODY. a worked over one will yeild good gains and the price is a lot better. A throttle body in my opinion is a supporting mod . Find DODGE 5. Carl- Williamsport, PA (FAST102 ported and Throttle Body ported for LS2) â  Just got my ported 102 on my car this weekend. A ported throttle body is one that has had the 80mm size opened up to 85mm. Your Hemi TB can be sent to me for professional porting or I can provide a  All Fastman Throttle Bodies are Precision Machined using a combination CNC and Manual Machining operations. He said going bigger would only hurt low-end torque. Be careful when fiting back the air hose, to push it as gently as possible into the throttle body. First of all, is it possible to open up the stock throttle body to be a true 50mm? If so, then would there be any difference between a ported stock throttle body and an aftermarket one that is 50mm to begin with? In early 2006, Keith purchased this 1972 MGB GT from Bob Lassiter as a running and driving street car. It has an RPM fluctation problem at both idle and highway speeds. After scraping off all the mastic sound deadening material, the shell was sent out for media blasting and a good coat of primer. I went with the full bore 84mm mod. The first thing I noticed was increased throttle response . Standard option was selected on this TB Ok guys I'm thinking of installing a Fastman Throttle Body?just not to clear on what the exact benefits are i:e horsepower gains, torque gains, etc what'll I get from it?also how hard is the install and do you think I could bring it to a shop and have it installed? I have a fastman ported throttle body and I'm very happy with it . It has a . A & B Design A Basses A-C Dayton A class A-Data Technology A & E A&E Television Networks Lifetime TV A & M Supplies Apollo A-Mark A. Our venturi like port shape creates and increase in velocity as air travels through your throttle body. i'd do 2. D-1SC Procharger @ 10 psi with water/meth injection, Modern Muscle Performance ported and polished heads, Modern Muscle Performance custom cam, 6. M. E. The throttle body is responsible for controlling the amount of airflow into the engine. Sep 12, 2016 · Engine: stock 5. Discovered the throttle body on the truck had been modified at some point prior to my owning it. 9 I have read alot on here, on several threads , about the benefits of swapping the v6 throttle body for a v8. MotoBlue 80mm Ported Throttle Body for your 2011-2015 300, Charger, Avenger, Challenger, Durango, Wrangler and Grand Cherokee 3. 7 engine? Also does it need to be programmed for the Largest Selection of Performance Parts for Your 2009-2017 Dodge Ram Hemi 5. 1994 Dakota CC, 318 Magnum, Ported heads, M1 2bbl, CompCams 212/218, 1. Here is an image of the stock throttle body (red) next to my Fastman. i have a 2012 so not sure it will help me out at all. 6rr's, MP PCM, MSD 6al, 52mm TB, Pacesetter Headers, Custom 2. If this is your first time doing something like this it's really pretty simple so relax. 6L Pentastar at RPM Outlet. Our automotive Throttle Body product line is the heart of Accufab. 2014 QC with a 392 stroker, Stock converter, 3. Aftermarket Throttle Body & Spacer for Grand Cherokee 98+. 4 BGE with 6. 2 modified and 5. Mar 10, 2013 · The only thing I've read about straight bore compared to a ported throttle body is the straight bore have a tendency to have a rough idle on these trucks and can throw codes. After talking to Dan he advised not to get his performance TB as I didn't have enough mods to warrant the extra porting. Jeep Grand Cherokee Throttle Body & Spacer. Modifications include Bore Size: Front Side Taper Bored 80mm to 74mm Bore +3. 7l hemi throttle body keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website All a ported throttle body really does is make for crisper part-throttle response. 00 shipped. It was purchased to fix a misdiagnosed problem and the factory original part was on national back order (it was actually a bad computer). I was just wondering if I had to tune it in order for it to run proper?. So what gains DOES such a ported throttle body add? For $50 more, here a 52mm body as well! Im down to 4 throttle bodies. Great work by him here are some pics. com as an domain extension. This throttle body comes on all 5. Great work Peak Speed! And thanks for the fast turn around. 56 gears - Pacesetter Longtube Headers/no cats - Electric cutout - APS 3000 stall torque converter - Comp260 cam - Custom tuned by Hemifever - Electric fan - 20% underdrive pulley -180 t-stat - Fastman ported throttle body - TMR mod -Vararam Intake - Sonnax. If I can get my hands on another beer barrel intake I may see just how much I can port out of that thing. D. Inertia Crazy Jay Cam, 6. Years ago I had my throttle body ported, and even to the naked eye it looked uneven, like a lop-sided circle, ever since I've been really skeptical of hand-worked TBs. i have no idea what these pacesetters are, but headers will be cool. Jul 07, 2011 · I a 2000 Dodge Dakota Quadcab with a 4. Dodge Viper RT-10 Gen 1 1992-1995 Throttle Body. It provides a blog engine and a framework for Web application development. No idea on horsepower or torque numbers but it runs very well. 4L SRT CNC Ported Throttle BodyAvailable for the 2013 Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Charger Offers crisper throttle response and added horsepower up to 12+ RWHP!Modern Muscle's new 5-axis CNC Ported High Velocity HEMI Throttle Body was developed to help increase the flow of air through the stock intake RE: Fastman Throttle Body -- GET ONE! IP: Logged Message: Same here. Jan 23, 2010 · The Fastman ported throttle body allows better flow than the stock PowerTech throttle body. When they don't know squat, that is how a lot of false information gets transferred. 9l 3. This website has a Google PageRank of 1 out of 10. Not a huge difference but for those seeking more power it matters. The helical groves on the throttle body spacer are designed to make the air spin, thus delivering a greater volume of air to the engines cylinder. Mr. Jul 07, 2011 · It has an RPM fluctation problem at both idle and highway speeds. Ported or Larger Throttle Body - Leave the throttle body until last, but there's some gains with a factory throttle body that's been half shafted like the Fastman or a true larger throttle body like the Overkill 80mm or BBK, but ensure to avoid the fake "80mm" that's just a ported factory unit. 6L ' started by cq842000 , Jan 16, 2013 . When I bought it all I had was intake and exhaust. First let me say the turn around time was great. I know lots of people on www. I have a Fastman standard bore 85mm ported TB. Oct 07, 2007 · Some will charge you for the HD heads plus porting and then add the cost of springs, valves, retainers, keepers, seals and any additional work. It is an 08 Dodge Durango 4. 10 Gears w/ Auburn LSD, 3/4 Belltech Drop, B&M Hammer Shifter A ported throttle body is one that has had the 80mm size opened up to 85mm. I have I already have both cats cut out, and running striaght back into my holy stock muffler, which has its replacement on the way. 2 more "fuel efficient" or do much of anything else, really. Installation is a quick bolt up application for better performance. 7, 5. 1/6. MM Size: 80mm Opening to 74mm Bore. 15 Apr 2019 I just ordered the standard mod from Fastman for my 2017 Challenger RT 5. I used my hp tuners software . Fastman 52 mm throttle body Ported heads by Chuck Millen (www. Part Will only Fit V8 Engines 5. When you go with a Fastman Modified Throttle Body you install a product  28 Jan 2013 Here is a picture of a common ported throttle body manufacturers making TRUE diameter TBs like BBK, Arrington, some of the fastman TBs. But you say you are running a K&N intake, so the above really does not apply. This is the most affordable replacement product for your old or damaged factory part. 6L Challenger/Charger/300 BBK 90MM Throttle Body 2013-2017 5. because if you had a 2500 then i would tell you not to spend a penny on it : i'd get an f&b throttle body, 52mm, 1. I have his tb on my 5. looking to get a ported throttle body, but dont know if i need a tuner to really get the full affect. Had to correct it for the man "policing" the forum. Our throttle body's are 65mm behind the butterfly's and 58mm in front now they are 65mm all the way threw. Aug 16, 2015 · Then you start looking at larger throttle bodies made by Fastman or 80 MM Overkill (I ordered this one), Overkill ported lower manifold $250 (ordered this too) 180* T-stat $60, Custom tunes to make it all work better together, Overkill (got this one too), Diablosport, Hemituner, HP Tuners and misc others range of $400-900. 75 pulley, tune, drag radials. It is BRAND NEW and was $267. Technologies Pcounter A-One Eleksound Circusband A-Open AOpen A & R A-Team A-Tech Fabrication A-to-Z Electric Novelty Company A-Trend Riva AAC HE-AAC AAC-LC AAD Aaj TV Aakash Aalborg Instruments and Controls Aamazing Technologies Aanderaa Aardman Animation My modified Hemi TB's give back much better throttle response and a Hemi TB can deliver I am very proud to announce the Fastman 84mm Hemi Throttle Body. Feb 19, 2019 · If you want to do something with your throttle body get ported one or if you plan on forced air go with a bored out one. It determines how fast and how much fuel can reach the engine. Installing a larger bore performance throttle body is an easy way to gain 10-15 horsepower. 2L/318 Mopar small block Magnum Throttle Body Spacers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Jul 01, 2002 · He took the performance theme even further with the addition of a Fastman ported throttle body, a Mopar Performance computer, a billet air cleaner, and a 3-inch after-cat exhaust. You can go with the ever-faithful Holley, or a modified stock The factory throttle body is 72mm, as are ported units on the market. fastman ported throttle body